Hui Tarava is a Tahitian dance troupe founded in 2014. The name Hui Tarava was given by Tahitian living legend, Jean ‘Coco’ Hotahota, leader of one of the most famous groups in Tahiti, Temaeva.


our name refers to the 3 stars that create orion's belt & represents the stars being aligned. These stars were often used as a form of guidance and can only be seen in the harvest season. 


Hui Tarava is committed to “creating better dancers one beat at time” and by better we mean dancers that are not only good, but well-rounded and committed to the perpetuation of the Tahitian culture as a whole. Our dancers not only learn basic Tahitian dance steps, but they also learn about the language, the music, and how each and every step they take relates back to the story they are trying to tell through their dancing and singing.


The heart and soul of Hui Tarava is based on the theory that everyone is a student and no one is ever too good or experienced to learn something new. We pride ourselves in helping and sharing our experience and knowledge of Ori Tahiti as well as continuing to go back to Tahiti as often as possible and learn more so that our students can get the best possible education.