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Justin "Froggie" Atangan
Justin better known as "Froggie" in the Ori Tahiti community is one of the most seasoned tane dancers in the United States. He is the Owner/Director of Hui Tarava Tahitian Dance Company and with his passion for the culture decided to share his experience with the world. For the past two decades Froggie proven himself a champion in Ori Tahiti competitions by winning 1st, 2nd, 3rd places and overall trophies longer than any tane dancer in America today. He is considered one of the many guardians of the culture and has dedicated his whole life to Ori Tahiti. Froggie's plan is to build his group with his family, friends and his son and his dream is to create productions, events and shows to give back to the Ori Tahitian Community.



Angelique Bannag
Angelique began her dancing career in 1998. In 2011 she completed the first level at the Conservatoire artistique de la Polynésie française - Te Fare Upa Rau and earned the highest level certificate offered. In addition to her 18 years of professional dancing experience she has also won multiple 1st place and overall awards since 2002 - present at competitions such as San Jose Tahiti Fete, Hura Ai' Ai' in Tahiti, Heiva I Reno, Kiki Raina Merced, and Heiva I San Diego. Most importantly she has dedicated her life to perpetuating the Tahitian culture with love and respect since she was a little girl and continues to travel back to Tahiti to further her knowledge in Tahitian Dance, Language, and Music. 



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