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         Founded in 2013, Hui Tarava serves as an ambassador for Ori Tahiti.


Hui Tarava was founded in 2013 by Justin"Froggie" Atangan, Angelique Bannag & Marcel Quiroz. The name Hui Tarava has many meanings, but its most direct translation is Orion's Belt which is the constellation of stars that appears during Matari'i i nia, which signifies the beginning of the season of abundance in Tahiti. Hui Tarava also means long or continuing generations. This name was given to us by our late mentor Jean "Coco" Hotahota of Temaeva. He along with the late Auntie Roiti Silva are whom we credit as our greatest mentors. 

Froggie and Angelique spent the majority of their childhood and early adult life dancing Ori Tahiti for Nemenzo and credit them for giving them their start in Ori Tahiti. 

Today we teach basic traditional dance steps while challenging ourselves as students to learn every aspect including drumming and music.

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